This lovely arab was one of the competitors at the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association's event in Merrickville, Ontario August 2016

This gorgeous appaloosa was one of the competitors in an Extreme Cowboy competition in Tweed, Ontario in July 2016. 

One of the soft-eyed carriage horses at the driving competition in Bromont, Quebec in June, 2016.
A lonesome cowboy and his horse at a Buck Brannaman clinic in Kiowa Colorado in August 2015.
Stunning head portrait of a paint in competition, Tweed, Ontario 2016
Wild mare and foal during a round up in Montana, 2014.
Dressage horse in competition, near Napanee, Ontario 2014.
Young dog at Chaffey's Lock, Ontario, 2016
Dragonfly, Rideau Lakes Ontario July 2016
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